Golomb's gambits: Hoodwinked

First appearing in 2000, this puzzle challenges readers to think of as many words that end in –hood and don't refer to an article of clothing

1. adulthood, babyhood, bachelorhood, boyhood, brotherhood, childhood, fatherhood, girlhood, husbandhood, infanthood, maidenhood, manhood, motherhood, parenthood, personhood, sisterhood, spinsterhood, virginhood, widowhood, wifehood, womanhood 2. gentlemanhood, kinghood, knighthood, ladyhood, masterhood, monkhood, popehood, priesthood, queenhood, sainthood, serfhood, squirehood, thanehood 3. angelhood, beasthood, godhood 4. cityhood, nationhood, peoplehood, statehood

The suffix –hood is added to nouns, and in a few cases to adjectives, to create what are usually abstract nouns. (We are not interested in the cases where –hood refers to an article of clothing.) Here, you are asked to list as many examples as you can find of words ending in –hood in each of the following categories. Words found in a collegiate unabridged dictionary are acceptable as examples.

These words refer to a stage or condition in life, not restricted to people of a certain rank or profession (e.g., childhood, widowhood)

These words refer to people of a specific rank, status, or profession (e.g., knighthood)

These words refer to beings that are not human (e.g., godhood)

These words refer to a political status (e.g., statehood)