Spring 2019 Contents


Mr. Science Television and the Hopkins show ahead of its time
Published Spring 2019
'The Johns Hopkins Science Review' aired from 1948 until 1955, beaming science and health research into living rooms around the country / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Protein of the future
Published Spring 2019
There are around 100 companies developing plant, seed, insect, and lab-grown meat alternatives. But will we eat it? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Ways of seeing
Published Spring 2019
As chief curator of the Baltimore Museum of Art, alum Asma Naeem thinks art can—and should—be used to tell a broader, more inclusive narrative of our shared history / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Tweet? Tweet!
Published Spring 2019
Increasingly, scholars are turning to Twitter for sharing research and engaging with the public / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Fulfilling a promise of Hopkins for all
Published Spring 2019
Michael Bloomberg's historic $1.8 billion pledge for undergraduate financial aid promotes greater diversity at Johns Hopkins / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Michael R. Bloomberg on his record-breaking gift
Published Spring 2019
"The future of our country depends on giving talented young people the chance to pursue their dreams," Bloomberg says / Johns Hopkins Magazine