Cancer team

Book cover: Cancer Crossings

Image credit: Cornell University Press

Johns Hopkins AAP program writer-in-residence and veteran journalist Tim Wendel is drawn to teams, be they baseball (the Detroit Tigers' World Series run in summer of '68), basketball (Buffalo, Home of the Braves), or hockey (Going for the Gold, about the 1980 U.S. men's Olympic team). He tackles a different team in Cancer Crossings (IRL/ Cornell University Press): the doctors at Buffalo's Roswell Park Memorial Institute who pioneered treatment for childhood leukemia in the 1960s. Wendel, however, comes at this story from an intimate place: His younger brother Eric was discovered to have acute lymphoblastic leukemia in the mid-1960s when the diagnosis was a death sentence, and became one of the early patients in Roswell Park's landmark clinical trials. A stunning feat of memoir and science reporting.

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