Icebreaker: What's something you learned recently?

A group of women pose for a photo

Image caption: About the great wines made along the Monticello Wine Trail in Virginia, along with my JHU sorority sisters. —Aliza Fishbein, A&S ’11, SPH ’16 (MPH), second from right

Credit: Aliza Fishbein

How to make croissants. —Kevin O'Connor, A&S '06, '10 (MA)

How to effectively waste time on my phone. —Sabina Muend, Med '09 (PhD)

How to play "Space Oddity" on my guitar. —Gail Shochet, Engr '04 (MS)

That artificial intelligence can be used to optimize the genomes of bacteria to produce specific products such as polymers. —Edward Staley, Engr '15

How to tell the difference between male and female tortoises. —Emily Baker, A&S '15 (MA)

How to identify the planets and calculate their trajectories using data registered in ancient papyri written in demotic Egyptian. —Marina Escolano Poveda, A&S '17 (PhD)

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