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A grainy black and white photo shows male and female students sitting on a floor together

Credit: The Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University

From the March 1974 issue of Johns Hopkins Magazine:

Student bull sessions are among those handful of things tucked away in one's bag of fond college memories, or so I'm told. I doubt they'll be included in my generation's bag, however. I spent a lot of time talking and listening to Hopkins students in the past few weeks. Most of my observations stem from these encounters and represent, I think, what many are feeling.

Our whole orientation is different, focused on individuals not groups. With the introduction of larger numbers of coeds at Hopkins, the social emphasis is on developing an intimate relationship with one other person rather than sharing activities with many others.

Most feel that the presence of women is a pleasant addition to the Hopkins community, but coeducation has brought its share of hassles, some of which result from looser sexual mores. (Dating, in the old sense, is out. Often two people choose to live together for a while.)

From "Not Quite the News" by Debra Shore, student intern