Curt Carpenter discovers you can return home again

When Curt Carpenter's daughter called in spring 2014 to describe the six-bedroom rowhouse she found for rent just off the Homewood campus, he had one question: Was his waterbed still there?

Alum Curt Carpenter with daughter Elaine

Image credit: Courtesy of Curt Carpenter

Roughly 30 years after Carpenter, A&S '85, moved out of the University Parkway rental, his daughter, Johns Hopkins senior Elaine, was coincidentally moving in. Though the home has been updated—new floors, central A/C—Carpenter says it maintains its charm. "It's a quirky house, as all Baltimore rowhouses are," he says. "They all have odd openings and rooms. My room had a couple of really strange closets in it, just odd cubbyhole-type closets, and a balcony off it."

As part of his 30th reunion celebration, Carpenter and his former roommates had a few beers on the front porch of the place where they used to host get-togethers and project 16 mm movies. "It brought back a flood of memories," he says. "It's really neat to share that experience with my daughter."

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