Earn, Jane, Earn

Image credit: Jessica Keyes

The Dick and Jane books taught generations to read. Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, Bus '04 (MBA), launched her See Jane Invest initiative as a playful nod to these vintage primers, though with a different educational aim: showing women how to invest in women-owned businesses. "If women want to see more women running businesses, they have to step up and fund them," Trumpbour says. "See Jane Invest is me modeling that."

Women are underrepresented among entrepreneurs and the venture capital and angel investors who seed their success. Trumpbour addresses this issue through her website, speaking engagements, mentoring, and, of course, investing. Women-run companies she's supported include the educational software firm Allovue and Hip Chick Farms, which makes organic chicken nuggets. "I only back companies that I think have a shot of returning something to me," Trumpbour adds. "It's important for people to see that women have fantastic ideas but that they are not as well represented in the marketplace."

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