Fun dysfunction

Normally a UC Berkeley undergrad might reconsider her life choices should she find herself feeding enchiladas to a paraplegic porn producer in early 1980s Los Angeles. But more pressing matters trouble the biracial Allie. Her father's burger joint is closed. Her mother plays tambourine in a rock band. Her ex-boyfriend unwisely invested her scholarship money. And a thug named Vice Versa is looking for her because she stole a mound of uncut cocaine, which is now stashed in a plastic Wonder Bread bag in her best friend's Honda Prelude. In her first two books Jessica Anya Blau, A&S '95 (MA), comically savaged family dysfunction. In The Wonder Bread Summer (Harper Perennial, 2013) she turns that nimble touch and harsh humor into a stoner adventure comedy with a female lead. Guiltless fun.

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