$10M for HCPI

Image credit: Google Maps

In December, Johns Hopkins University announced its commitment to the 10 neighborhoods surrounding its Homewood campus with a $10 million investment in the Hopkins Community Partners Initiative. HCPI grew out of a yearlong collaboration with local community groups and civic leaders and has identified five areas to focus on: quality of life, housing, education, commercial retail development, and local hiring, contracting, and purchasing. 

The $10 million investment, to be spread over five years, isn't a mere financial stake; it's committing human and political resources as well. "This partnership involves convening, collaborating, and agitating on behalf of a shared cause," university President Ronald J. Daniels said at a press conference. It represents "one concrete way that Johns Hopkins will support the diverse and visionary efforts of our partners to build a more vibrant, active, and growing urban area."