A nestful of Blue Jays

Jeffrey Allen

Image caption: Jeffrey Allen

When Chris Hampton. A&S '83, and his wife, Rene, started a family, "we didn't just have children," he says. "We had a litter." Born within a five-year window, all four kids are now Johns Hopkins students. The family's "serious first-born" and aspiring neuroscientist Chris Jr., 22, is in the home stretch of a combined BA/MS program. Patrick, 21, is the jokester of the family ("John Belushi reincarnated," says his dad) and has traveled to Ghana, Tanzania, and Honduras pursuing his public health degree. Patrick and his younger brother, Gerard, 20, are Phi Kappa Psi fraternity brothers and rugby players. Gerard, a double major in public health and classics, is interning in Rome this semester. And Bridget, 18, is a freshman, field hockey player, and future psychologist. When Hampton's brood of Blue Jays visits home, their travels and studies become the heart of dinner-table conversation and lively debate. "We always have a grand time together," says Dad.

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