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Obviously, Johns Hopkins is an academic powerhouse.

Anyone who pays attention to college sports knows the university is a lacrosse powerhouse as well. But lacrosse players aren't the only Blue Jays bringing home trophies.

As the magazine went to press in November, the Office of Communications was buzzing from the women's cross-country team's national championship win, led by freshman Hannah Oneda. Folks were excited about the football team, too, which was headed into the second round of the NCAA playoffs. (See "Jays Win, Win, Win" for more fall sports highlights and "Bodies and Bucks" to learn about the Forever a Blue Jay Challenge.)

In fact, over the last 15 years, athletes from 23 of the university's 24 varsity teams have qualified for NCAA championship play. That's a lot of winning. I'm always impressed by the hard work and focus it takes to earn a Johns Hopkins degree. But I'm kind of floored that those same students manage to be similarly dedicated to their athletic pursuits. It speaks well of their time management skills. More importantly, it shows their drive to excel—a sure sign of a Hopkins mind.

Dale Keiger, who has been photographing that drive at team practices for a yearlong project, says he didn't even know who Hannah Oneda was when he took the photo above. Look for his photo essay in the Fall 2013 issue, and in the meantime, visit the Hub for regular Blue Jays news.

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