Here are three examples of words in each of 10 categories. These categories are related but distinct. Can you identify the categories from these samples?

  1. false, neighbor, priest-hood: fasehood, neighborhood, priesthood
  2. bore, duke, free-dom: boredom, dukedom, freedom
  3. lone, three, trouble-some: lonesome, threesome, troublesome
  4. gorge, marvel, outrage-ous: gorgeous, marvelous, outrageous
  5. grate, hurt, wish-ful: grateful, hurtful, wishful
  6. heart, wire, worth-less: heartless, wireless, worthless
  7. fix, mix, rap-ture: fixture, mixture, rapture
  8. for, par, weigh-ty: forty, party, weighty
  9. battle, court, fellow-ship: battleship, courtship, fellowship
  10. fond, soft, wicked-ness: fondness, softness, wickedness; OR -ly: fondly, softly, wickedly

Each of the following seven words could fit into (at least) two of the 10 categories. Can you determine which ones for each of these?

  1. care, casual, child, hand, hope, king, wincareful/careless; casualty/casualness; childhood/childless; handsome/handful; hopeful/hopeless; kingdom/kingship; winsome/winless