Three college students look up at the sky while wearing solar eclipse glasses.

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

Solar Eclipse

Partial eclipse sees full turnout

The Hopkins community stepped out and gazed skyward to see Monday's solar eclipse, with hundreds turning out for a watch party on the Beach at Homewood

Here comes the moon! April 8 gave the United States its second total solar eclipse in seven years, blocking out the sun from Texas to Maine. Baltimore and D.C. only saw a partial eclipse—but that didn't stop the Johns Hopkins community from coming out in full force to witness the celestial spectacle.

Video credit: Aubrey Morse / Johns Hopkins University

Hundreds of students, staff, faculty, and community members spent Monday afternoon together on the Beach, sharing eclipse glasses as they took turns looking up, with dozens more gathering on the roof of the Hopkins Bloomberg Center in D.C.

Enjoy the playlist from Monday's Beach party below, plus plenty of photos from eclipse viewing gatherings at Homewood and at the Hopkins Bloomberg Center in Washington, D.C.