A person dances

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

Black Heritage Celebration

Honoring the legacy of Black sound and rhythm

Johns Hopkins University's Black Heritage Celebration honors the resiliency and importance of 'the soundtrack of freedom and liberation'

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion, Peabody Student Affairs, and Black Faculty Staff Association co-sponsored an event Feb. 28 at the George Peabody Library to celebrate and highlight historical and contemporary musical influences within the African diaspora.

Video credit: Roy Henry / Johns Hopkins University

The event featured performances by Peabody Institute students, the Morgan State University Choir, and Lady Brion of Baltimore Voices, as well as a keynote speech from Marco K. Merrick, chief of equity and environmental justice for the Baltimore City Department of Public Works. It also included an expo of local Black-owned businesses and services.

"It is important that JHU, our community, every day finds a way to honor those stories, to honor the legacies, to honor the contributions, to ensure that those stories never die," said Kwame Phillips, associate director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs in the Center for Diversity & Inclusion.