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WageWorks filing deadline for 2019 FSA expenses is April 30
Published Feb 12, 2020
Eligible expenses must have been incurred from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2019
It's easier than ever to get vaccinated for the flu and other illnesses
Published Feb 12, 2020
Your Express Scripts Vaccine Pharmacy Plan provides easy access to preventive medications
myStrength series: Balancing intense emotions in the new year
Published Feb 12, 2020
When we haven't learned how to cope with what we're feeling, we can be prone to using strategies that provide short-term relief but create more problems in the long run
Now's the time to think about heart disease and stroke
Published Feb 12, 2020
Traditionally the month for all things heart-related, February reminds us to take care of our heart in celebration of American Heart Month
FEB. 25
mySupport webinar: Emotional Pain—How Do You Cope?
Published Feb 11, 2020
Learn about the connection between emotional pain and substance use, the warning signs, and when and where to seek support
Wellness webinar: Manager Training on Sleep and Fatigue in the Workplace
Published Feb 11, 2020
A Johns Hopkins expert explains the repercussions of poor sleep and how you can work with your reports
FEB. 26
Wellness webinar: Heart Healthy Living—the Beat Goes On
Published Feb 11, 2020
Tune in to find out what you can do to reduce your risk for heart disease
Using mindfulness in working toward your goals
Published Jan 15, 2020
Introducing the first in a series of stories about how you can use the myStrength wellness portal and app to enhance your emotional well-being
JAN. 29
Ready to call it quits?
Published Jan 15, 2020
Tune in to this one-hour tobacco cessation webinar to learn what you're up against, what your options are, and where to go for help
Free benefit supports you across the cancer continuum
Published Jan 15, 2020
Our Work Stride program offers one-on-one help to employees dealing with cancer and to their managers
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