Better service for a better you (and members of your household)

Meet JHEAP, the new and improved Johns Hopkins employee assistance program

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Johns Hopkins is committed to providing resources to support the well-being of its employees and their household members, especially during these unprecedented and uncertain times. The Office of Benefits & Worklife, along with a workgroup and key stakeholders, recently completed an exhaustive search to find a new external employee assistance program provider to better complement its internal counseling team and to provide enhanced experiences to make employees' lives easier.

Calls are now answered 24/7/365 by the counselors of its new vendor, Corporate Counseling Associates. Enhancements with CCA include:

  • Better experiences. EAP users will no longer have to call from a long list of providers to access services. CCA will locate a provider that has availability and meets your preferences of appointment times, location, and mode of sessions.
  • Diverse provider network. CCA has a vast provider network to meet the needs and preferences of Hopkins employees, and they can help you find a provider that will be a good fit for what you are looking for, including special populations served, gender, race, languages, and more.
  • More counseling sessions. Johns Hopkins is now providing up to six free sessions for counseling services for short-term needs.
  • Ease of scheduling. Hopkins' onsite counseling team continues to be available in Baltimore on the Homewood, Eastern, and East Baltimore campuses. CCA is working closely with our onsite team to help make the scheduling and rescheduling process easier and timely for employees.
  • Additional discounts through a partnership with Perks at Work on the CCA website. To access them, go to, click on the CCA@YourService link (code JHEAP), go to Centers, and click on Savings Center. First-time users will need to register using the company name of Workplace Options US and the company code EAP.

Think of JHEAP as an individualized professional resource for providing practical, around-the-clock support and assistance to manage your daily life—from emotional health to assistance with daily work-life concerns such as elder care location or financial or legal challenges. JHEAP can even help with personalized resource location and referrals such as pet care, home improvement, budgeting, and travel.

All the benefits from JHEAP are available to your household members. This includes a significant other, children, parents, or even a roommate. Knowing your loved ones are supported can improve your well-being and peace of mind.

JHEAP can be accessed in a variety of ways:

  • Phone, 24/7: 888-978-1262
  • Online (with 24/7 chat): (company code: JHEAP)
  • Mobile App: CCA@YourService (access code: JHEAP)