Resources to help you with upcoming retirement plan changes

MMA's Prosper Wise digital platform gives you access to educational videos, webinars, financial advisers, and more

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Johns Hopkins University will be making changes to its retirement plans this summer, and to help you make decisions about your retirement investments, the university has partnered with Marsh McLennan Agency, an independent investment adviser.

Whatever your experience level, MMA has a range of resources to help you achieve your financial goals. Visit MMA's Prosper Wise, a digital platform and one-stop hub for all things related to financial planning. Through Prosper Wise, you can access educational videos, webinars, news articles, financial calculators, and more. You can even schedule time to meet virtually with a financial coach.

Want to increase your financial literacy?

April is Financial Literacy Month—the perfect time to focus on developing healthy financial habits so that you can live your best life. Start with the Prosper Wise financial wellness checkup and get recommended courses, videos, articles, and more just for you.

Courses range from introductory to advanced topics and run from 15 to 45 minutes in length. Here are just a few of the financial wellness courses to choose from:

  • Setting up an emergency fund
  • Understanding credit reports and scores
  • Creating a budget
  • Banking beyond checking and savings
  • Saving for goals
  • Investing to build wealth
  • Assessing your insurance needs

The Prosper Wise portal also offers tools to help you reach your financial goals. Review a small sample of what is available:

  • Your Money Personality. Are you relaxed, apprehensive, or cautious? Are you present- or future-focused? Take this assessment to better understand your money decisions with behavioral analysis.
  • Managing Debt. Not all debt is created equal—learn how to use debt wisely. Access debt calculators to determine your debt load and explore debt resolution and repayment strategies.
  • Credit Card Paydown. Compare fast and proven credit card paydown strategies.
  • Home Affordability. Find out if you're ready to buy a home and how much you can afford.
  • Auto Buy vs. Lease. Compare your options for buying or leasing your next vehicle.
  • Retirement Analyzer. Find out in two minutes or less whether you're on track for retirement.

Not only does Prosper Wise highlight the most important articles, videos, courses, and tools to help you achieve your unique financial goals, your personalized content library refreshes every two weeks so that you can continue to benefit from the most relevant and engaging materials.

Need one-on-one advice?

Get personalized advice by scheduling a virtual one-on-one appointment with a retirement expert at Marsh McLennan, at no cost to you. MMA's independent, specially trained financial coaches are unbiased and do not sell products or receive commissions. Coaches can review your current investment portfolio; discuss your tolerance for risk; map out long-term retirement strategies, including rollover options; and more.

To schedule a 25-minute appointment, log in to MMA's Prosper Wise digital platform and click Talk With a Coach in the top right-hand corner.

Missed the six-week educational webinar series?

MMA recently hosted a six-week educational webinar series tailored to JHU's retirement plans to help employees feel more comfortable with their finances and more confident in their decision-making. If you missed some or all of the sessions below, you can now view recordings of them by going to the Benefits & Worklife website.

  • Session 1: Overview: Determining Your Goals, Needs, and Investing Preferences
  • Session 2: Investing in the Markets
  • Session 3: All About Funds
  • Session 4: Building a Retirement Portfolio
  • Session 5: Annuities
  • Session 6: Self-Directed Brokerage Windows

For more information on the upcoming retirement plan changes and these resources, visit the Changes Ahead webpage of the Benefits & Worklife website.

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