Preferred name ID badges now available to JHU affiliates in Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health

As of Dec. 1, all staff, faculty, and students can obtain a free, one-time replacement badge

Johns Hopkins strongly supports the use of affirmed/preferred names to create an environment where all students, staff, and faculty can fully and genuinely participate in the academic and work experience, and now, effective Dec. 1, preferred name ID badges will be available to JHU staff, faculty, and students/learners in East Baltimore.

In 2019, the university issued a statement and implemented protocols in support of affirmed/preferred names on ID badges. However, the changes did not extend at that time to the schools of Medicine, Nursing, or Public Health because the badging system at these three schools is fully integrated with that used by Johns Hopkins Medicine and its hospital buildings. Since then, changes have been made, and preferred name badges will be available in those remaining locations starting Dec. 1.

Among the reasons a person may wish to use a preferred or chosen name are as a reflection of gender identity, as a nickname or to go by their middle name, or as a westernized or Americanized name that is either in place of or a version of their native language name.

A free, one-time replacement badge is available to all students, faculty, and staff who would like a new badge with either their preferred name or a new legal name, both in East Baltimore and for J-Card holders at other JHU locations. To learn how to add your preferred name to your myJH profile and have it used in a number of other systems, go to the Office of the University Registrar website.

Any JHU faculty, staff, or students who are primarily based in East Baltimore should input their preferred name and then work with their department or registrar's office to obtain a blue and yellow Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions badge. More information is available on the East Baltimore Campus Photo ID webpage.

For information on how to obtain an updated J-Card, visit the Homewood Student Affairs website.

The Johns Hopkins Health System also supports affirmed/preferred name use and is working to make it available for its affiliates as well, with a goal of doing so in the first quarter of 2022.

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