Peabody opens its doors to the JHU community

Whether you're into jazz, baroque, or classical, you're sure to find performances that suit your taste

New Orleans Jazz Ensemble

Image caption: The New Orleans Jazz Ensemble performs Nov. 5

Music lovers in the Johns Hopkins community have a windfall of free concert opportunities awaiting them this season at the Peabody Institute.

Dozens of performances are on the calendar and, because of COVID-19 precautions, in-person audiences are limited to JHU faculty, staff, and students, at 50% capacity in the hall. All other music aficionados will be watching via livestream.

"It is an incredible pleasure to be back in the Peabody halls listening to live music and watching the dancers," says Abra Bush, Peabody's senior associate dean of institute studies. "We look forward to welcoming back the public as soon as the public health situation improves. There is a heightened level of excitement around campus after not feeling the energy of live performances for so many months—a frisson, if you will. This is one area in which returning to 'normal' is very, very welcome."

The dozens of upcoming events include the Peabody Repertoire Jazz Ensemble, Nov. 4; New Orleans Jazz Ensemble, Nov. 5; Peabody Symphony Orchestra, Nov. 10; Peabody Concert Orchestra, Nov. 12; Opera Workshop, Nov. 14; Peabody Renaissance Ensemble and Baltimore Baroque Band, Dec. 2; and Conservatory Dance: Capstone Project, Dec. 5.

To see the entire lineup, go to the Concerts & Events page of the Peabody website and choose "Baltimore" and "Featured Event" from the drop-down menu.

The events will not be ticketed; all seating is general admission. Once 50% capacity is reached, no additional audience members will be admitted to the space.

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