Is your go-to eatery open?

If beefy sandwiches or Cobb salads were part of your old normal, you may be wondering if they're still there for you

Big sandwich in a to-go container


With many JHU offices starting to have employees return to their campuses, workers need some new strategies—other than running to their kitchen—for lunch and snacks during the day.

Retail dining locations on the Homewood campus will maintain their normal offerings and are accessible to all members of the campus community. The Dining Office strongly encourages faculty, staff, and students to download the Transact Mobile Ordering App to order food in advance for pickup at any of the Levering Kitchens stations or from the deli at Charles Street Market.

Many JHU locations have dining options outlined on their websites, including the following:

The Bloomberg School of Public Health has a comprehensive online on- and off-campus dining guide, but there may be changes as the academic year begins, so check before you go. The Daily Grind coffee shop, located on the second-floor mezzanine in the Wolfe Street building, is now open 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The School of Nursing also lists on- and off-campus options, and the Carey Business School in Harbor East lists nearby options.

Dining operators at other locations are still making plans for the semester and will communicate with staff in the coming weeks.

The university has updated its masking rules to align with those of Baltimore City, which means that meals can be eaten only where a 6-foot distance can be maintained, a rule that applies to cubicles and shared offices, too. Exceptions to masking are allowed for a quick snack or drink.

For complete information about the university's policies related to COVID-19, go to and

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