Save money on your commute to work

Employees who use public transportation or park in non-JHU garages can have pretax deductions taken from their pay

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If you commute to work on public transportation and/or park in a non-JHU facility, the JHU Commuting-to-Work program allows you to have pretax deductions taken from your pay to cover eligible expenses associated with your daily commute to work. (Note: If you park at a JHU facility and have your parking fee deducted from your paycheck, you already receive the pretax benefit.)

The IRS establishes the maximum dollar amount you can set aside each month as a part of your commuter benefit. For tax year 2021, the pretax spending limit is $270 per month for mass transit and $270 per month for non-JHU parking. You can elect either option or both, and you can adjust the amount you contribute to the plan each month—no qualifying event is needed. Your funds will continue to roll over month to month until they are used. However, funds will no longer be available once you terminate employment.

WEX/Discovery Benefits, the university's commuter benefits provider, offers several ways you can access your designated funds. When you sign up for the program, you will be issued a reusable stored value debit card that you can use to pay providers directly at the time of service from your transit and/or parking account. The card can be used to purchase MTA passes and tickets or to add monies to the Baltimore City CharmCard as well as for parking. If a transit or parking facility does not accept debit card payments, you can pay out-of-pocket and submit a reimbursement request through the Benefits Mobile App by WEX/Discovery Benefits or your online account; to receive your reimbursement quickly, you can sign up for direct deposit.

You do not need to wait for annual enrollment to join the Commute-to-Work program—you can sign up any time during the year to start saving. Make your election by going to the Benefits & Worklife homepage and clicking on the myChoices Health & Life Enrollment tab. Select Life Events and then Commuter Assistance Program.

For more information about the program, go to the WEX benefits webpage or call WEX at 866-451-3399.