Do you have your J-Card ready to go?

Here's what you need to know about getting or replacing your official university ID

Maryland Hall on the Homewood campus

Image caption: Maryland Hall on the Homewood campus


The J-Card is the Johns Hopkins ID required for most staff, faculty, and students to access university buildings and facilities, and to use certain resources. The J-Card also can be loaded with money ("J-Cash") to purchase food and other items on the Homewood campus and at partnering retailers. Additionally, full-time students, faculty, and staff at Homewood can go mobile with J-Cards on their Apple and Android devices.

Staff who are primarily based in East Baltimore should work with their department to obtain a JHMI badge rather than a J-Card.

Lost or stolen J-Cards

If you can't find your J-Card, it's important that you make plans to replace it before returning to campus. There is a $20 fee to replace and/or update your card with new information; fees are payable by credit card or J-Cash.

J-Cards for new hires

Throughout the pandemic, JHU has continued to welcome new talent to the JHU community. If you joined the university in March 2020 or later, it's likely that you've been working 100% remotely and have yet to visit your work location. You will need to obtain a J-Card before starting in-person work and should get guidance from your hiring manager on how to obtain and use your J-Card.

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