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Each year, Johns Hopkins' Tuition Grant Plan supports at least 1,400 employees at a cost of about $27 million

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As upcoming college students finalize plans for fall—with hopes of a more normalized experience for 2021–22—parents' thoughts inevitably turn to the costs. At Johns Hopkins University, a signature benefit helps ease the burden for employees who are funding their children's higher education, providing 50% off tuition.

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The Tuition Grant Plan, which annually supports at least 1,400 JHU employees at a cost of about $27 million, is available for full-time faculty and staff who have worked at JHU for two or more years—benefiting their children who attend any accredited college or university full time, in or outside the United States, with 12 or more credits per semester.

"For so many Hopkins families, this benefit makes an enormous difference for their child's trajectory," says JHU benefits services representative Tamara Smith. "These grants can reduce a lot of the stress of juggling the costs of higher education."

To apply for the grants, use the new online portal just introduced by JHU's Office of Benefits & Worklife. Fall 2021 applications will be accepted through Oct. 1.

Interested employees can learn more about the plan by registering for a virtual information session planned for noon on Tuesday, June 8.

Details about the Tuition Grant Plan are available online, but Smith and her team address here some of the most common initial questions they field:

What type of classes do the grants cover?

For undergraduate students with eligible JHU parents, the tuition assistance is available for eight full-time semesters with 12 or more credits each, or until the end of the year they turn 23. The grants do not cover remedial classes, but mini winter and summer sessions are eligible.

How much reimbursement can my family receive?

The plan covers 50% of tuition not to exceed a total amount of $29,360 per academic year—a figure that matches 50% of the maximum annual tuition at Johns Hopkins, currently $58,720. Other fees may be eligible for coverage, as detailed on the website.

My married partner and I both work for Hopkins. How would the grants work for our child?

Combining the benefit for two full-time JHU employees means your child would be eligible to receive 100% of the tuition cost, up to the limits listed above.

My child is studying outside the United States. Is he still eligible?

Yes! The grants can cover international semesters—including full college careers abroad—as long as the college or university is accredited and the courses go toward your child's degree.

I have more than one child in college right now. Can I apply for grants for all of them?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of children per family who can receive tuition benefits.

I haven't worked at JHU for two years yet—are there any exceptions to the policy?

Employees who received a similar benefit from their previous employer immediately before Johns Hopkins (within 30 days of their JHU hiring date) can apply for a waiver to receive the grant.

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