A lactation center for Green Spring Station

New facility is open to all physicians and staff on the campus

On May 3, Green Spring Station will open a lactation center for all physicians and staff on its Lutherville campus. The new space is located in Suite 230 of Pavilion I, adjacent to Pavilion Pediatrics. The center features two private individual rooms as well as a common space with a sink, refrigerator, and waiting area.

Leading the charge and overseeing the project for Johns Hopkins Medical Management Corp., Gill Wylie, Ariel Winkley, and Michele Leineweber were able to turn an unused storage area into a functional and well-furnished space. "We're excited to open the first lactation center at Green Spring Station and provide a beautiful space that supports those on their lactation journey," Winkley says.

The two hospital-grade pumps available for use were provided by the JHU Lactation Support Program through the Office of Benefits & Worklife.

"The addition of this space is really exciting," says Jeremy Hornberger, family programs specialist overseeing LSP. "The goal is to have spaces on all of our campuses to provide the necessary accommodations to those needing to express milk throughout their workday. We hope to normalize lactation in the workplace and streamline the process to the point where the rooms are part of the norm, similar to a restroom or breakroom. This center is a huge step in that direction."

Employees wishing to access the space should register for the Johns Hopkins Lactation Support Program. To use the hospital-grade pumps in the rooms, employees must provide their own accessory kits. Information on kits, a full list of lactation rooms in Johns Hopkins facilities, resources, and other valuable information can be found on the website.