Job seeking and hiring at Hopkins just got easier

HR's Talent Acquisition team strengthens resources for internal candidates

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At Johns Hopkins University, a long-term career can be one of constant momentum, building new skills and expanding your experiences.

"Growth is achievable for every single employee here—any position, any background," says Ian Matthew-Clayton, executive director of Talent Acquisition at Hopkins. "Everyone should find the path that allows them to reach their fullest potential."

To help employees achieve these goals, the Talent Acquisition team has focused over the past year on strengthening internal mobility resources, with a special eye toward building more diverse and inclusive teams across all levels of Hopkins.

A trio of new tools is now available, geared to both current JHU employees who are exploring new roles and those on the other side who may be hiring them.

An enhanced jobs site for internal employees

With a crisper, more intuitive interface, the updated career site makes job seeking easier for internal staff exploring new opportunities at Hopkins. In addition to serving as the portal for searching and applying for jobs, the site offers a variety of new career resources, including an FAQ, testimonials from long-term JHU employees, access to LinkedIn Learning courses and upcoming workshops, and an overview of the hiring process.

If you find an opportunity that interests you and you meet the qualifications to apply, this is the site where that process should happen. By applying this way, you are clearly identifying yourself to recruiters as an internal candidate.

Three ways to access the site:

1) Enter directly at 2) At the external jobs site,, click on the gold tab at top that says "Already a JHU employee?" 3) Through the portal, under the HR tab, click on JHU Recruiting.

A new hiring toolkit

Designed as a resource for JHU hiring managers and anyone else involved in hiring, a new toolkit moves comprehensively through each step of the process, from initiating a job posting to final onboarding steps for new employees, and includes links to contacts and more in-depth processes. The kit also shares a number of strategies to eliminate bias in hiring and to help managers develop effective diversity hiring practices.

"This toolkit is a living, breathing document that will continue to be updated whenever new resources become available, and [it] helps us move toward a more consistent hiring process," says Jonathan Thompson, director of Talent Acquisition.

A new online class to reduce unconscious bias

The free online training course Reducing Unconscious Bias in JHU Recruiting confronts the various types of biases that humans naturally possess—and offers ways to overcome them to ensure more objective hiring and, ultimately, more inclusive workplaces. Developed specifically by and for Hopkins employees, the course presents various sample scenarios that could pop up during the stages of hiring new candidates.

"Anyone at Hopkins who is involved in hiring at any level is encouraged to make use of this instruction," says Matthew-Clayton, who hosts the course through videos. "We're offering tools for recognizing the biases we all have ingrained within us, and for setting those aside so hiring can be truly fair and equitable."

The class is available through the portal, under MyLearning, where you can search for it by name.

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