How to optimize your working-from-home routine

JHU's Learning team gives you guidance on everything from ergonomics and time management to caregiving support and finding resilience

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So you're nine months into the pandemic and think you've nailed your working-from-home routine. Decided on the optimum spot for your computer. Got the lighting right for Zoom meetings. Learned when you need walk-around breaks. All good things.

But might you be missing something?

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Here to Help

Answers to your JHU-related questions

JHU's Learning team is on it. On the Working From Home—Training and Support page of the HR website, you'll find a host of links to resources from Johns Hopkins and elsewhere that can help you refresh or reset your routine. The information is served up in these six buckets:

  • Technology You Need
  • Optimizing Your Home Office
  • Successful Telework (Meetings and More)
  • Manager Resources for Remote Working
  • Coping With the Challenges of COVID-19
  • Resources to Support School Age Children

Technology You Need, for example, points you directly to security access for JH Systems, important information about internet access and phones, online apps you can use as a Johns Hopkins employee, and more. Optimizing Your Home Office will give you productivity tips and guide you to best practices for office ergonomics.

So now that you have your baseline mastered, you might want to think about moving to the next level, making sure you're getting the most out of what's available to you.

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