All employees encouraged to receive paychecks via direct deposit or mail

Changes can be made by logging into Employee Self Service

As the Hopkins community unites to address the global pandemic of COVID-19, and in support of the guidance of social distancing, Payroll Shared Services is encouraging all employees to receive their pay via direct deposit or, if a check is necessary, by mail to their home address.

Employees who do not have direct deposit can request it in Employee Self Service. Here's how:

  • To update your banking information, log in to myJHU and look for ESS under the HR icon in the left-side menu. You will be directed to a new screen.
  • Click on the Login to ESS icon. This screen has information on what ESS is and who has access.
  • ESS requires additional authentication. Re-enter your email address and password and follow the multi-authentication steps.
  • Under Payroll Information, click on Direct Deposit.
  • To update the default bank, click on the Edit button. Then click on New Additional Bank and follow the prompts.
  • Fill out the following information: Routing number (click on the double square box icon to search routing numbers or to enter the first set of numbers located at the bottom of your checks), bank account (must enter twice), account type (Checking or Saving from the dropdown), and payroll method (check or direct deposit). Then read and select the Disclaimer Checkbox.
  • Click on the Review icon and then Save to update the information.
  • Once completed, log out of ESS.

If you are unable to set up direct deposit via ESS, you have the option of receiving your check by mail to your home address on record.

To make sure your address is correct, follow the directions above to sign in to ESS. Select Personal Information to view your permanent address and make any necessary changes. (And while you're on that page, you can also check your phone numbers and Emergency Contact information.)

Then, to request receiving your paycheck by mail, contact Payroll Shared Services at or 443-997-5828.

The timeframe to ensure these changes are in place for the next pay date is as follows, with each pay date indicating the window for changes to direct deposit or mail option:

  • Weekly pay date of March 27: March 18 to 23
  • Semimonthly pay date of March 31: March 18 to 24
  • Biweekly pay date of April 3: March 18 to 30

Any special off-cycle pays that run between usual dates and are run as checks will be mailed to your home. If you have direct deposit set up, special off-cycle pays will be deposited to the same account.

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