On the move: JHBox content heading to JHOneDrive

Johns Hopkins' new digital workspace is part of Microsoft Office 365

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Your online files are about to get a new home. Within the next few weeks, your JHBox account will be migrating to JHOneDrive, which is part of Microsoft Office 365.

"JHOneDrive offers Johns Hopkins users a unified platform with easy and secure access to Office tools, email, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams in one place," says Brian Schisler, IT@JH senior project administrator. "It is HIPAA-compliant and offers users 5 TB of storage."

The transition begins in the coming weeks, when user-owned content will be automatically copied into a BoxMigration folder in the user's JHOneDrive account.

There will then be a one-week period when users can review that content to identify any discrepancies.

One week after that phase, any updates to content or permissions since Phase 1 will be applied in OneDrive.

Users will have up to five days to report issues to Microsoft for remediation via a link on the Box Migration information site.

Notifications will be sent to users during each wave of the migration, Schisler says.

To prepare for the migration, you are encouraged to log into your JHBox account and clean up any content or permissions that are no longer required.

All migration dates will be published on

For more information, and for tips on how to prepare for migration, go to For questions not answered there, email

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