Here to Help: How to lighten the load at home

Must-do tasks wearing you down? Get help with these university-provided resources

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When the workday ends, that doesn't mean your daily stresses end, too. All the little tasks you have to take care of at home—walking the dog, cleaning the kitchen, booking a sitter, and so forth—can really add up. But as a Johns Hopkins employee, your benefits include access to a number of support systems to help lighten the load.

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These resources, including the mySupport employee assistance program and, can serve as your first points of contact for finding services for hire in your area—and in some cases provide discounts and other perks.

"Whether you want to chat with someone in person or browse your options online, your resources at Hopkins can help you find the at-home help you need quickly and easily," says Frances Callahan, assistant director of the Johns Hopkins mySupport program.

Here's a look at what your benefits include:


As a catchall resource to handle the various needs of Hopkins employees, mySupport can help connect you to home services including child care, elder care, parenting resources, housekeeping, dog walking and pet care, and even home improvement services such as contracting, plumbing, and yardwork.

If you call mySupport—available 24/7 at 443-997-7000—a daily life assistance counselor can work with you one-on-one to provide resources and referrals for these services. Or log in online (username "JHU," password "JHU") or through the mySupport app to access all sorts of helpful information and resources.

As a JHU employee, you get the perk of free premium membership to, which links you to tons of resources to help with at-home needs, including babysitting, adult and elder care, pet care, housekeeping, and tutoring.

Surprise snow day? Unexpected weekend work? Your benefit also includes 10 days' worth of backup care for either kids or adult loved ones, at reduced hourly rates based on your salary. Qualified, pre-screened caregivers can come right to your home, or with child care you can opt to use a local daycare center.

Register for in advance through the Hopkins portal.

Other options for care

In addition to mySupport and, Hopkins has partnerships that can help you work out child care or elder care. Check out the full range of options, including au pair services, on the Benefits site. They include the Nanny Network, which provides screened and vetted caregivers (with various discounts for JHU employees) and LOCATE: Child Care, which offers enhanced resources and referrals.

And remember: Starting next year, child care vouchers of $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000 per family will be available to eligible full-time employees. Details are available on the HR website.

Stress-relief resources

To tackle stress in general, don't forget about your university wellness benefits that include mindfulness classes, seated massages, and yoga. Employees also have free access to the Calm app, which offers guided meditations, sleep assistance, and soothing music, among other features.

Your mySupport benefits also include free use of the myStrength app, which offers tools and support for emotional well-being, including ways to prevent and alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety. (Log in using password "JHU" or "JHHS," depending on your affiliation.)

In addition, mySupport provides 24/5 access to free, confidential counseling for emotional distress, difficult life transitions, and other challenges. When you call, a clinician will listen to your concerns and help you work out next steps. The program can provide referrals to licensed clinicians in your area, with five sessions per problem offered free of charge and outside your insurance. You also can opt to set up an in-person appointment on a Johns Hopkins campus with a member of mySupport's on-site clinical team, formerly known as the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, or FASAP.

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