Here to Help: How to find a new job at Johns Hopkins

Employees are encouraged to pursue other options at JHU—and, yes, their applications are reviewed first

Ian Matthew-Clayton, executive director of Talent Acquisition

Image caption: Ian Matthew-Clayton, executive director of Talent Acquisition, and his team walk you through the steps to follow when searching for another position at Johns Hopkins


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Exploring new career possibilities? There's no reason you have to leave Johns Hopkins for that. In fact, JHU encourages internal employees to pursue new jobs within the university, as you build the path of your long-term career.

For tips on how to navigate the process, we reached out to Ian Matthew-Clayton, executive director of Talent Acquisition, and his team at JHU Human Resources.

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These recruiting specialists told us that you can start considering new jobs at Hopkins after 12 months in your current position, or with a waiver from your current manager or HR director. Their advice emphasized one key nugget: Make sure you're searching and applying for jobs through the internal portal on the Jobs@JHU site, which can give you a number of advantages.

More tips from Matthew-Clayton and his team:

How do I look for new job possibilities at Hopkins?

Instead of using the external site,, make sure to access the job search through your myJHU portal. Go to, click the "HR" tag on the left and then "Jobs@JHU."

Another way to access the internal site: At, you'll see a headline for current JHU employees. Click that.

How can I prepare myself for opportunities before the fact?

We encourage employees to keep their candidate profiles up to date on the jobs site. Those include your basic information and résumé, which can be imported seamlessly from your existing LinkedIn profile or a Microsoft Word version.

Also, it's worth signing up for job alerts so you can be the first to hear about new openings that match your interests. On the jobs site, go to "Saved Searches/Alerts" and customize your preferences by keywords and other features, including how often you want to receive emails.

Do current JHU employees get priority in the hiring process?

Yep! Talent Acquisition reviews internal applicants first, before external candidates. But remember, to be classified as "internal" you must apply through the internal process described above.

What happens to my application after I submit? Are there any other steps I can take at that point?

Once you've submitted an online application, you'll immediately receive an automated email confirming receipt. If you end up being considered for a position, Talent Acquisition or the hiring manager will reach out to you directly. There are no additional steps to get extra attention.

If you're called in for an interview, you can sharpen your skills by taking one of the many interview preparation courses in LinkedIn Learning, such as Internal Interviewing or Mastering Interview Anxiety. You can access those from your myJHU portal, clicking on the "Education" tag on the left, then "LinkedIn Learning." (Note: This resource also offers courses on résumé writing and a wealth of other professional development topics.)

Should I tell my current boss I'm applying elsewhere?

It's generally recommended that you tell your current boss once you've been invited for an in-person interview.

If I already know the person or team hiring for the position I want, should I reach out to them directly?

You can contact them directly if it feels appropriate, but you still have to apply on the Jobs@JHU site to be formally considered as an applicant.