Your new gateway to all things HR

A new website gets you quickly to all the information you need, whether it's details about your benefits or lists of professional development courses

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Image caption: You can access the new website on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.


Check out the new look. At, you'll find a brand-new website for Johns Hopkins University Human Resources, which recently debuted after a major overhaul. The new site is sleeker, easier to navigate—and, overall, a lot more user-friendly.

"Our new website was designed specifically around employees' needs, to guide you through a more intuitive and hassle-free browsing experience," says Heidi Conway, vice president for human resources. "You'll find seamless access to all the information you're seeking on benefits, compensation, support programs, career development, and everything else under HR's umbrella."

Among the improvements, the new site is mobile-friendly for your smartphone or tablet, and it provides easy starting points for every type of JHU employee—new, current, supervisor, or retiree—to help walk you through the resources and policies most relevant to you.

New Quick Links menus offer instant access to the most commonly sought-out HR resources, and under the About HR drop-down, you can learn about the structure of the Hopkins HR team and how to locate specific people who can help you.

A scroll-down calendar on the home page keeps you up-to-date on upcoming workshops, info sessions, and fun events outside of work. And a news feed makes it easy to find both new and past stories that are relevant to you.

In the Learn & Grow section, you'll find a comprehensive listing of all your professional development opportunities, including online courses and leadership training.

And when you're digging into the fine details of your benefits at Hopkins—matters such as salary classifications, flexible work schedules, and tuition assistance—it's now a lot simpler, with the new website's cleaner, more visually oriented design.

"The underlying goal of the new site is to make it clear that HR is here for you as a helping hand, and is on a continual mission to find, recruit, and retain the most talented and dedicated workforce," Conway says.

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