Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs Program is looking for intern placements

Interns Sara Arnaout and Trisha Feldman at a reception kicking off their 2017 program.

Image caption: Interns Sara Arnaout, center, and Trisha Feldman at a reception kicking off their 2017 program.


Four hundred high school and college students from across Baltimore spent eight weeks of their 2017 summer break working at more than 100 locations across Johns Hopkins, doing meaningful work that will enhance their personal and professional growth.

And now, the next cohort of youths is looking for placements in the university and health system's Summer Jobs Program, which aligns with the Baltimore City's YouthWorks summer program that placed more than 8,000 students in jobs last summer.

In an email to faculty and staff, Ronald J. Daniels, president of the Johns Hopkins University, and Kevin W. Sowers, president of the Johns Hopkins Health System, asked administrators and managers to step up now and offer to host interns.

"Over the past 24 years, the Summer Jobs Program has helped demonstrate the effect our institutions can have on local students, providing work or career opportunities they might not otherwise have," they wrote. "We anticipate the demand for work will be even greater this year [than last]."

The paid internships, they said, provide the students with opportunities to build essential skills and workplace behaviors through on-the-job learning, professional development sessions, and online courses on tools such as Microsoft Office. At the same time, it gives Johns Hopkins faculty and staff the opportunity to mentor a young person.

No cost is involved for participating departments. Johns Hopkins Institutions will again fund the positions, and Johns Hopkins University will process the student payroll.

Departments are asked to provide a meaningful assignment for an intern for the full eight weeks of the program, including a department orientation, mentoring, shadowing, and work experience. Upon request, Summer Jobs Program staff are available to assist departments in developing intern assignments and delegating work with respect to departmental functions. Students will be processed and made eligible for any position as assigned by the JHSJP Committee.

Additional details about the internships are available on the Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs Program website.

To host an intern this summer, departments and offices are asked to apply by May 21 using this form, which is also available on the website.

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