Tom McDermott named assistant vice provost for financial aid

Image caption: Tom McDermott

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

In response to recommendations from the financial aid workgroup that is part of the university's ongoing Student Services Excellence Initiative, the Office of the Provost is strengthening the university's ability to handle federal and state financial aid compliance regulations. Tom McDermott, who currently serves as the university financial aid officer, will fill the new role of assistant vice provost for financial aid to offer greater leadership and increased support on compliance issues to divisional financial aid offices.

"There are increasing levels of compliance requirements and scrutiny that have evolved over the past several years, and the university saw the need to have a more coordinated approach to navigating that landscape," says Sunil Kumar, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs. "In this new role, Tom will be able to respond quickly to evolving requirements and promote consistency in the way the divisions handle these issues."

Kumar says that McDermott will be able to identify and approve plans to address compliance issues that arise and determine new universitywide policies in this area, while divisional financial aid directors will continue to be responsible for allocations, financial aid policies and processes, service delivery, and other functions within their schools. McDermott also will continue his responsibilities leading Homewood Student Financial Aid Services.

McDermott says that "working with the schools to create more-seamless and more-proactive processes will take our compliance efforts to the next level."

He adds that more-efficient processes in the compliance area will mean more time for staff to focus on their core mission: guiding students and their families.

Financial aid is one of six areas of focus for the Student Services Excellence Initiative, a multiyear project to improve the experience of Johns Hopkins students by refining administrative procedures and updating technology for delivering services. The other areas are career services and alumni tracking, registration, recruitment and admissions, billing, and academic advising.

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