Baltimore Bike Share stations set near JHU locations

Image caption: Wheels from Baltimore Bike Share are available for hourly rental at dozens of stations around the city, including nine near Johns Hopkins campuses.


Study after study shows that biking as a form of daily transportation is good for your health and the environment, and is a good investment, too. Since the October 2016 launch of Baltimore Bike Share, which makes bicycles available for hourly rental at dozens of stations around the city, it's possible to get around town by bike even if you don't own one.

And lucky for us, many of those stations are located by our campuses, so we can take to the road for a little lunchtime exercise or even to travel from home base to a meeting somewhere else. Or, of course, just to have some fun on a lazy summer evening or for sport on a weekend.

The rental process is straightforward. As explained on Bike Share's How it Works page, there are three ways to ride: You can buy a $15 monthly pass that includes unlimited rides up to 45 minutes in length, opt for a Go Pass that charges your credit or debit card $2 per trip, or purchase a $2 single-trip ride at a station kiosk. Both standard and electric pedal-assist bikes are available. And yes, you can pick up a bike at one station and leave it at another.

We've put together a short list of the stations closest to Johns Hopkins' many campuses and employee centers around the city. Any sites that are not yet open are scheduled to debut by the end of June. Many additional locations are planned.

Station #30, near Homewood
Johns Hopkins University
3330 St. Paul St.

Station #39, near the JHU/MICA Film Centre
North & Maryland
30 W. North Ave.

Station #21, near the JHU/MICA Film Centre
Penn Station
1525 N. Charles St.

Station #20, near Peabody
Cathedral & Eager
917 Cathedral St.

Station #19, near Peabody
Hotel Indigo
24 W. Franklin St.

Station #32
Johns Hopkins Hospital
624 N. Broadway

Station #08, near the Candler Building
National Aquarium
501 E. Pratt St.

Station #06, near the Carey Business School
Harbor East
675 S. President St.

Station #04, Fell's Point
Bond Street Wharf
901 S. Bond St.