Johns Hopkins All Children's helps Tampa Bay Rays practice off the field

Image caption: A drill at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital simulates the arrival of injured patients from Tropicana Field.


Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in Florida recently participated in an emergency preparedness training exercise led by the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team, in collaboration with the city of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, and federal law enforcement agencies. The exercise was intended to evaluate the evacuation plan by game-day staff members, team officials, and first responders as part of a simulated Rays game.

As part of the drill, Johns Hopkins All Children's put its disaster plan into place by simulating the arrival of injured patients from Tropicana Field. Drill victims consisted of Johns Hopkins All Children's employees and their children, high school students, and Johns Hopkins All Children's Medical Explorers. The drill began in the hospital's Emergency Center, where mock patients were triaged and, in some cases, moved through to multiple departments.

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