Green Team Network tackles city park's vines

Image caption: Green Team Network member Ryan Kielbasa of Facilities and Real Estate


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A group of Johns Hopkins staff from across the university cleaned up Herring Run Park on Tuesday through a partnership between Blue Water Baltimore and the Office of Sustainability.

The volunteers wrestled with invasive species of vines that put up quite the fight, removing a total of 1,200 cubic feet to be picked up by the Department of Public Works. After such hard work, pizza provided a welcome celebration.

This volunteer outing was one of the Office of Sustainability's bimonthly Eco-Smart Outings for Green Team Network members. The network is composed of more than 400 staff, faculty, and graduate students from all divisions of the university for whom sustainability and community are important personal and professional values. Members are invited to compete for sustainable prizes in monthly Eco-Smart Challenges and to attend bimonthly Eco-Smart Outings ranging from volunteer events such as this one, to tours of the campus power plant and green roof, to happy hours, and more. Learn more about the Green Team Network here and join the listserv to stay in the loop about future events.

Invasive vines threaten a thriving tree canopy that is critical to stormwater management efforts in Baltimore City. In a controlled area such as Herring Run Park, Blue Water Baltimore monitors, plans, and coordinates volunteers in order to maintain trees and shrubs that clean pollutant-carrying rainwater. Learn more about the issues and what you can do at Blue Water Baltimore's website.

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