Getting your green credentials

Check this list to see if your office is meeting sustainability goals

Just how green is your Johns Hopkins office?

Is there a composting bin in your kitchen area? Is the printing paper you use made of recycled content? Are the office lights activated by motion sensors? Do people have reusable mugs for coffee?

Those are just a sampling of the dozens of factors the JHU Office of Sustainability reviews when scoring offices on their green credentials. As of this month, 41 different offices across Johns Hopkins have earned the official "green-certified" award. You can see if yours makes the cut here.

If your office isn't on that list, you and your colleagues can take the initiative to start the green certification process yourselves. It starts with filling out this downloadable comprehensive checklist that gives points based on several areas of sustainability. You'll be taking a hard look at the ins and outs of your office, everything from the labels on your recycling bins to the food you eat at catered events.

The next step is arranging a walk-through with the Office of Sustainability, which will help go over that checklist and rank your office with an official score of 1 to 5.

The sustainability team is also on hand to give pointers and guidance on areas to improve. Even for offices that have already achieved certification, there are always steps to take—both large and small—to go even greener.

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