Tune up your skill sets this summer

Summer is a great time for recharging—not only your personal life but your work life, too. In July and August, you can dip into a wide range of professional development workshops being offered by the university. Along with long-standing popular courses, you'll find new options that will help you tune up your skill sets.

Here's a baker's dozen of possibilities worth exploring. Click on the course name to read details and to register.

Generations in the Workforce. Three-hour workshop; July 7 or July 14.

Get Connected! Learning to Network in Today's World. One-day course; July 7).

Change Management: Cultivating Team "Change-Ability". One-day interactive course; July 20.

Speaking for Success (new). Three-day course; July 21, July 28, and Aug. 4.

Wordplay at Work. One-day interactive and humorous workshop; Aug. 1.

Resume Writing: Know Where You're Going and How to Get There (new). Half-day session; Aug. 2.

Writing Effective Emails: Strategies and Tips for Productive Email Correspondence. One-day course; Aug. 2.

Strategic Courses: Growing Top-Notch Performers (new). One-day course; Aug. 3.

Behavioral-Based Interviewing. Half-day workshop; Aug. 10 or Aug. 16.

Coaching and Counseling: Feedback to Improve Job Performance (new). One-day class; Aug. 16.

Achievement Now! (new). Energetic and entertaining all-day workshop; Aug. 22.

Diversity and Inclusion: 21st-Century Higher Education. Half-day course; Aug. 25.

Interviewing: First Impression, Best Impression (new). Half-day workshop; Aug. 29.

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