Monday's Earth Week tip: Conserve to cut carbon

April 18 to 24 is Earth Week, and the JHU Office of Sustainability has a tip-a-day plan designed to help each of us do our part in helping the university reach its sustainability goals.

Monday's starter: Conserve to cut carbon. Johns Hopkins is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 51 percent by 2025, a move that will require an enormous reduction in energy consumption.

You can help save energy by turning off lights and electronic equipment when not in use. Use the settings on your computer and other equipment to make it easy for you to conserve energy. You'll earn points on your Green Office Certification when your monitor is set to turn off after 20 minutes and computers enter standby after 30 to 60 minutes.

Connect with the JHU Office of Sustainability on Facebook and Instagram. On its website, check out its Earth Week Calendar of Events to join in the celebrations.