Say thanks to your student workers

The university is celebrating National Student Employment Week this week, April 4 to 8, to honor the nearly 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students who work on our campuses as well as the staff and faculty who supervise and mentor them.

Hiring departments are strongly encouraged by the Office of Student Employment Services to recognize their student staff.

To promote involvement, the SES website provides ideas for celebrating, as well as the ability for departments to order celebration items such as cupcakes and JHU smart pens. The staff of SES prepares and delivers special-order items along with a bouquet of festive balloons. This year nearly 40 departments took advantage of pre-ordering gifts.

The week includes daily happenings, games, and contests open to all JHU students regardless of employment. Students and staff are invited to visit the SES office in Homewood's Garland Hall for free popcorn and the chance to win a door prize. Students are eligible for daily giveaways and invited to take an online Student Employment Challenge.