International travelers should register their plans

In light of recent terrorist attacks abroad, the university is reminding Johns Hopkins affiliates participating in international projects of the importance of registering their plans with the Johns Hopkins International Travel Registry. The following email was sent to faculty, staff, and students on Dec. 1.

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Recent terrorist attacks in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East drive home the importance of taking safety precautions when on international travel. It is vital that you enter plans for Johns Hopkins–related international travel into the Johns Hopkins International Travel Registry in order to enable university, divisional, and departmental leaders to locate and assist you in the event of an emergency.

The advantages of registering in JHITR include:

  • Before you leave you will receive information on risks, warnings, and appropriate preventive measures associated with the countries on your itinerary.
  • If a terrorist attack, natural disaster, disease outbreak, or other major disruption occurs where you are, authorized Johns Hopkins University leaders will be able to search JHITR to identify you and other university travelers who may be affected.
  • The university will be able to use information in the system to contact you and determine if you are safe or need help.
  • The university can arrange through International SOS, its provider of international services, to locate and support you or, if necessary, to evacuate you.

Registering a trip in JHITR is simple. Go to the registry website and log in using your JHED ID and password. Create a travel profile if you haven't already done so. Then enter your itinerary. Please remember to include dates of travel, flight or other travel bookings, accommodations, in-country contacts, and how you may be reached while abroad.

A JHITR frequently asked questions page is available online.

Important note to faculty and staff members: If you make your international travel reservations through the university's new travel management partner, World Travel Inc. (WTI), and its Concur online booking system, your itinerary will automatically be registered in JHITR. Many of the university's divisions have converted, or are in the process of converting, to exclusive use of WTI and its Concur system for travel reservations. (If you wish to use the system sooner, send a request to

The university takes its responsibility for your safety seriously. It is important that you take this simple step to help us support you amid very real threats around the world.


Robert C. Lieberman
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Daniel G. Ennis
Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

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