Science of Learning Institute seeks applicants for fellowships

In an effort to prepare the next generation of leaders in its field, Johns Hopkins' Science of Learning Institute—one of the university's signature initiatives—established the Distinguished Science of Learning Fellowship Program, which is now accepting applications.

The program provides predoctoral and postdoctoral applicants the opportunity to obtain interdisciplinary research and dissemination training beyond the scope of their prior undergraduate and graduate education. Its goal is to train scientists to think broadly about learning, yield innovative scientific discoveries about learning, and use these discoveries to drive research, practice, and policy.

The deadline for submitting an application is 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 14.

In a recent email, Barbara Landau, director of the Science of Learning Institute and a professor in the Krieger School's Department of Cognitive Science, and Kelly Fisher, associate director of the institute and an assistant professor in the School of Education, outlined the program and application process as follows:

Overview of the Fellowship Program: Over the course of the 2-year fellowship (beginning July 1, 2016), each fellow will (1) work with two Johns Hopkins faculty mentors to conduct an innovative, interdisciplinary research project that crosses the boundaries of basic and applied sciences and (2) complete a dissemination or translation project designed to foster connections between research, practice, and policy. Fellows will also engage in monthly seminars consisting of topical discussions, invited presentations, and workshops. The seminars will be designed to expose fellows to an array of science of learning research and its applications, foster new knowledge and skills in translation and dissemination practices, and assist fellows in meeting their professional development goals. Please review the Call for Fellowship Applications for more details about the fellowship program, application materials, evaluation criteria, and timeline for review.

Applicant Eligibility: The fellowship program is open to predoctoral and postdoctoral applicants within and outside of Johns Hopkins University. Please review the Call for Fellowship Applications for more specific eligibility criteria.

Mentors: Fellowship applicants must identify two full-time faculty from (a) two different disciplines and (b) two different departments or divisions at Johns Hopkins University to serve as mentors. It is recommended that applicants contact potential mentors at least one month prior to the application deadline to allow adequate time to discuss research project ideas, review drafts of the research project, and develop a co-mentoring plan.

Award Details: Project awards will not exceed $65,000 for postdoctoral fellows and $35,000 for predoctoral fellows per year. Each fellowship award will include the following budget allowances: salary, research and conference travel expenses, and training and professional development.

Application Submission: Applications will be submitted through the Science of Learning Institute's grant application system … [which] will be accessed through a direct link on the Science of Learning Institute's website under the Call for Fellowship Applications.