Milestones: July 2015

The following staff members recently retired or celebrated an anniversary with the university in July. The information is compiled by the Office of Work, Life and Engagement, 443-997-7000.


10 years of service Jaime Haver, Jhpiego Brinnon Mandel, Jhpiego Stuart Merkle, Jhpiego Susan Sawyer, Jhpiego

5 years of service Lance Brenner, Jhpiego Kenneth Couplin, The Johns Hopkins Club Heather Harrison, Jhpiego Andra Lee, Center for Talented Youth James Ricca, Jhpiego


35 years of service Deborah Nowakowski, Epidemiology Alfred Riddick, Facilities

25 years of service Pamela Bowers, Epidemiology Jonathan Kerman, Epidemiology

20 years of service Debra Moffitt, Biostatistics

15 years of service Barbara Diehl, Health, Behavior and Society Margaret Edwards Shannon, Biostatistics Maria Sowers, Epidemiology

10 years of service Devin Whye, Facilities Lisa Wilson, Health Policy and Management

5 years of service Jason Bishai, Environmental Health Sciences Beverly Hammond, Office of Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Mark Spires, Health, Behavior and Society


25 years of service William Harrington, Recreation

15 years of service Eric Beatty, Homewood Arts Programs

5 years of service Irene Ferguson, Multicultural Student Affairs Andrew Padilla, Recreation Tara Singleton, Women's Lacrosse Andrea Young, Residential Life


30 years of service David Brewster, Chemistry

25 years of service Deborah Williams, Development

20 years of service Eric Johnson, Biophysics

15 years of service Anita Cox, Academic Advising Marva Philip, Humanities Center

5 years of service Shawn Castellanos, Development Jonathan Soffar, Office of the Dean


20 years of service Darryl Carr, Ensemble Office

15 years of service Larry Catron, Finance Administration


5 years of service Jacqueline Ganem, Asian Studies Jennifer Perinovic, Library


10 years of service Dorothy Washington, Talent Development Secondary

5 years of service Myriam Maouyo, Talent Development Secondary Lori Scott, Educator Preparation Programs


35 years of service Denise White, Pediatrics

25 years of service Nancy Cuomo, Surgery Ruth Earnhart, Clinical Operations Steve Libowitz, Office of the Dean Karen Sutt, Ophthalmology

20 years of service Sarah Isaacs, Urology Donna Klinedinst, Physiology Gina Locco, Ophthalmology Shamon Stokes Teagle, Oncology Camila Wondolowski, Gynecology and Obstetrics Barbara Ziegler, Neuroscience

15 years of service Barbara Boardley, Welch Medical Library Jennifer Forti, Pulmonary Judith Limoseth, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Courtney Myles, Clinical Operations Charlene Phipps, University Health Services Terry Reed, Ophthalmology Luz Vanessa Rodas-Eral, Pathology Delois Sparks, HEBCAC Rebecca Spivey, Pathology Catherine Weaver, Pulmonary Paul Wienecke, Clinical Practice Association

10 years of service Raka Bhattacharya, Oncology Bonnie Bradley, Infectious Diseases Joann Braxton, Facilities Mary Cokley, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures Bendu Cooper, Pediatrics Joyce Dealmeida, Clinical Practice Association Sharon Eddinger, Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences Candice Feasel, Cardiology Ruth Gill, Ophthalmology Joanne Judge, Billing Shavonda Keating, Clinical Practice Association Linda Mathews, Cardiology Kristen Murray, Oncology Ying Ni, Institute for Clinical Translational Research Shianne Pietrowski, Plastic Surgery Michelle Pryor, Institute for Clinical Translational Research Kimyatta Ricks, Neurosurgery Tekeia Ringgold, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Courtney Rowles, Oncology Charles Rydzy, Pediatrics Beverly Stiver, Human Resources Monica Sullivan, Neurology Raluca Yonescu, Pathology Deborah Zolenas, Ophthalmology

5 years of service Mohamed Abdelmegid, Facilities Lauren Albacarys, Neuroscience Katherine Beals, Gynecology and Obstetrics Karen Brick, Clinical Practice Association Holly Brown, Ophthalmology Bobby Burches, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Nicole Castagna, Oncology Rong Chen, Neuroregeneration Jessica Dickerson, Institute of Genetic Medicine Dacheng Ding, Otolaryngology Leonie Farrington, Neurology Candice Fori, Hematology Alan Gordy, Facilities Crystal Graham, Oncology Venkat Gundareddy, Hospitalists Michelle Guzman, Pulmonary Dingfen Han, Psychiatry Jeanne Harrison, Oncology Theresa Jones, Urology Yusuke Kageyama, Pathology Salwa Khan, Pediatrics Lisa Lapa, Oncology Dana Mandy Lefko, All Children's Susan Mabrouk, Pediatrics Cynthia MacInnis, Institute for Clinical Translational Research Kristin MacNeal, Clinical Investigations Tracie McElroy, Pathology Maureen Mealy, Neurology Monica Nandwani, Gastroenterology Cathy Nguyen, Ophthalmology Jon Parker, Emergency Medicine Rita Reilly, Orthopaedics Bharat Singh, Hospitalists David Valdivia, Neurology Melin Vranesic, Radiology


15 years of service Frank Hoey, Network Services Kelly Lowensen, Community-Public Health Nursing

5 years of service Alice Delaney, Center for Nursing Research


35 years of service Jeanette Brown, Sheridan Libraries


30 years of service Eugene Kidwell Sr., Homewood Campus Safety and Security Services

25 years of service Dana Greene, Facilities Bernadette Holley, Facilities Carol Johnson, Facilities Gazellia Lucas, Office of Chief Networking Officer Torin Randall Sr., Facilities Janet Schultze, Development and Alumni Relations

20 years of service Raymond Worsley, Supply Chain and Shared Services

15 years of service Neil Blackmon, Supply Chain and Shared Services Denise Church, Controller Meagan Magagna, Communications

10 years of service Angela Hall, Development and Alumni Relations Pamela Knight, Facilities Thomas Lewis, Office of the Vice President for Government and Community Affairs Andrew Mabry, Facilities Anne Moore, Talent Management and Organization Development David Ostendarp, Office of Chief Networking Officer Nicole Pennington, Enterprise Applications Pavel Varshavskiy, Office of Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

5 years of service Timothy Burke, Facilities Simone Gilner, Development and Alumni Relations Herbert Karloff, Facilities Thomas Nealis, Development and Alumni Relations


5 years of service Mary Beth Regan, Office of the Dean