Student Announcements

Research Participants Wanted

Silk Roads undergraduate humanities research cluster: Looking for interested students
Undergraduates designed the Silk Roads research cluster as a space for students to read, workshop, and collaborate across all relevant fields; students are invited to fill out an interest form
Survey on drug use and mental health impact of COVID-19
Researchers at the Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit are seeking respondents age 18 or older for an anonymous online survey
Participants needed for online survey on vaping
If you are age 18-24 and currently vape or recently quit vaping pod-based e-cigarettes (Pod-Mods), this is an opportunity to participate in a study on vaping in young adults and get a financial incentive for your time
International students needed for brief survey study
An opportunity for international students to win a financial reward by completing a short survey
Skin research study
Volunteers ages 18 to 50 who have healthy skin are needed for the study
Bipolar 1 individuals needed for MRI research study
Participants must have a diagnosis of bipolar 1, be between the ages of 35 and 65, and be right-handed; compensation $150
Study seeks subjects with depression and active symptoms
Research study looking for individuals who have been diagnosed with MDD to participate in a decision-making study
Amputee study
Individuals with below the knee amputation are eligible to participate in research conducted in the Department of Dermatology at Johns Hopkins University
Participants wanted for mobile phone user data collection
Participants age 18 or older will collect data of typical operations, such as reading and writing, on an Android phone with help from a research assistant using Zoom or Skype
Chronic hives study
Research participants must be 18-75 years old and have had frequent episodes of chronic hives lasting at least six months