Student Announcements

Research Participants Wanted

Healthy participants needed
Participants are needed for research studies on movement control; tasks involve making simple arm movements, as in video games, and/or noninvasive brain stimulation
Participate in online movement study
Conducted by the Shadmehr lab in the School of Medicine, this study seeks volunteers who will use a personal laptop to play a simple video game; compensation $10 to $20/session
Zoom interview opportunity for East Asian international students
Eligible participants will have a 60-minute interview to talk about their challenges, feelings and thoughts, coping strategies, and support during the COVID-19 pandemic
Participants needed for online survey on vaping
JHU students 18–24 years old who currently vape, or recently quit vaping, pod-based e-cigarettes (Pod-Mods) are needed for this study; compensation $45
Healthy volunteers needed for skin research studies
The Department of Dermatology seeks people at least 18 years old, of any race or ethnic background to participate in research studies
Research study that may help US military veterans with amputations
Individuals with normal, healthy skin are needed to donate skin samples as part of research in the Department of Dermatology
Volunteers needed for research study on chronic hives
Volunteers must be 18–80 years old and have frequent episodes of chronic hives lasting at least six months
Recruiting international students for brief online survey and workshop
International students are needed for a brief survey study and a mindfulness-based workshop
Individuals without hair on their head needed for skin reseach study
Participants must be ages 18–65, in good health, willing to come in for multiple visits over 10 months, and able to undergo a lab test
Participants needed for a paid study on eyesight
Healthy men and women, age 18+, are needed to participate in a research study of visual prostheses; volunteers are paid $65–$130