Healthy research subjects needed
Volunteers ages 18-80 are needed to participate in research studies on movement control; compensation $20/hour
Infant and child participants needed
The JHU Lab for Child Development is currently enrolling children from 4 months to 5 years old to participate in online child development studies; have fun and receive a $5 Amazon gift card as a thank-you
Study investigating the microbiome in rosacea seeks participants
The study is looking at the role of bacteria and other microorganisms in rosacea development and its changes after treatment
You may be able to help evaluate an investigational birth control pill.
You may be able to participate if you are a healthy, sexually active female between 13 and 45, seeking birth control to prevent pregnancy and willing to accept certain responsibilities, such as keeping an e-diary
Zoom interview opportunity for East Asian international students
East Asian students are asked to share their experience during the pandemic in a research interview; compensation $10
Undergraduate survey for exposure to plastic surgery
This survey gauges undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students' exposure to the field of plastic surgery; four participants will be randomly selected to win $25 gift card
Volunteers needed for paid treadmill walking study
Healthy men and women ages 18–35 are needed to participate in treadmill walking studies v;olunteers are paid $30 for participating
Charisma study is seeking research participants
The study seeks participants ages 12-21; of South Asian, African American, or Caucasian ancestry; and who are considered to have excess weight; compensation $400
Adult research volunteers needed
Researchers are looking for normal volunteers to undergo magnetic resonance imaging scans of the brain; participants paid $30 for standard scan or up to $70 with optional tasks
Seeking participants for effort study
Healthy participants ages 18 to 40 needed for an fMRI study to investigate the basis of decision making regarding effort-tasks; compensation $50 or more