Student Announcements

Research Participants Wanted

Participants needed for nationwide COVID-19 study led by researchers at JHSPH
Help researchers better understand how COVID-19 has impacted people's lives, especially around COVID symptoms and recovery
Seeking Participants for Effort Study
Healthy participants ages 18 to 40 needed for an fMRI study to investigate the basis of decision making regarding effort-tasks; compensation $50 or more
Seeking volunteers to help investigate the role of genetics in mental health
Volunteers must have at least 25% African ancestry and either have a diagnosis of bipolar 1 disorder, schizoaffective disorder, or schizophrenia, or be without any psychiatric diagnoses
Participants needed for paid fMRI research study
Seeking healthy volunteers age 18-45 to watch videos and talk about them while having their brain scanned; compensation $30/hour
Healthy adults needed for a research study testing the safety and tolerability of a study medication
Among the study requirements are being age 18–50, being HIV negative, and willing to come in for multiple clinic visits over 23 months
Study seeks subjects with depression and active symptoms
Participants wanted for a one-visit study observing decision-making skills for individuals with MDD
Volunteers needed for an inpatient Shigella challenge study
The Center for Immunization Research seeks healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 50
Volunteers needed for malaria research
Researchers need healthy adult male volunteers with type O+ blood to study malaria parasites and to sustain mosquito colonies used in crucial malaria research
Healthy participants needed for yellow fever vaccine study
This study tests a new yellow fever vaccine using novel technology that makes it easier to produce, potentially increasing vaccine availability and vaccine safety
Participants needed for Zika vaccine study
The Center for Immunization Research is seeking healthy participants ages 18–50 for this study