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Research Participants Wanted

Study seeks pregnant women planning to deliver at Johns Hopkins Hospital
This research study examines whether fluoride supplementation in pregnancy decreases the rate of preterm delivery; compensation up to $125
Volunteers needed for walking study at Kennedy Krieger
Healthy volunteers ages 18-35 are needed to participate in a treadmill walking research study at the Motion Analysis Lab at Kennedy Krieger Institute on the Johns Hopkins medical campus. Participants will be paid $15/hour.
Study seeks pregnant women planning to deliver at Johns Hopkins Hospital
The researchers seek to learn more about long-term studies and chronic diseases, such as obesity and developmental disorders, in children living in the Baltimore area
Oral HPV research study
The study examines how certain behaviors, such as smoking, affect oral HPV infection rates and whether these infections will persist over time
Participate in a movement study
This study, on the East Baltimore campus, involves using a robot arm (like a joystick) to play a simple video game; compensation is $15-20/hour
Volunteers needed for allergy-immunology study
Volunteers must be 18 to 65 years old
Healthy participants needed for paid fMRI research study
Participation in the study, held at the East Baltimore campus, takes around one hour; compensation $25/hour
Do you have or know someone with Alzheimer's disease?
Researchers at Johns Hopkins are looking for male and female participants with probable Alzheimer's disease to participate in a research PET imaging study
Want to participate in a research study on a nonhormonal birth control method?
If you are a healthy woman, age 18 or older, and have regular menstrual cycles, you may be eligible for a research study for an investigational nonhormonal birth control method
Recruiting children for a language study
The Nozari lab is recruiting children, ages 6-8, for a language study