Student Announcements

Research Participants Wanted

Healthy volunteers needed for research study
Earn up to $18/hour playing computer games. The laboratory of Dr. Haith is seeking healthy volunteers age 18 to 40 for a study of motor learning.
Seeking volunteer native English speakers for behavioral study
Researchers are recruiting healthy native English speakers for a paid 1.5-hour study at Homewood.
Healthy volunteers needed for nicotine and cannabis research
Healthy volunteers age 21–55 are needed to take part in a research study at Johns Hopkins
Cigarette smokers needed for research study
Do you smoke tobacco cigarettes regularly? Healthy volunteers needed.
Want to volunteer for a research study?
Help us help others by joining a research study that combines medications to reduce pain
Healthy volunteers needed for cannabis research
Healthy adults age 18-55 years are needed to take part in a Johns Hopkins research study
Recruiting participants for paid behavioral study
Seeking participants under 35 years old with normal or corrected-to-normal vision; compensation $23/1.5hrs
Participants needed for study on women's health and safety
If you become eligible and complete the baseline survey, you will receive a $40 gift card
Participants needed for paid sentence-listening study
Researchers seek native English speakers for a 1.5-hour paid study
Seeking participants for paid sentence-listening study
This is a paid 1.5-hour study at Homewood recruiting healthy native English speakers