Student Announcements


MySupport: Coping and Thriving webinar series
Through webinars on various topics, mySupport hopes to provide tips, tricks, and techniques to help you cope, heal, and thrive through the crises you face
MySupport = More Support
Did you know that staff, faculty, and their household family members are eligible for up to five free sessions? MySupport is here to give you more support.
Counseling Center office hours
The Counseling Center will offer office hours in November on Thursdays from 1 to 3:30 p.m. ET
Mental health workshops
The Counseling Center offers a variety of workshops each semester focused on developing skills or exploring topics that help students Be Well. Do Well. And Live Well.
Join the Dissertation Group
Are you a graduate student in the throes of your dissertation? You might want to join the Dissertation Group, run by the Homewood Counseling Center, via Zoom.
Critical coping drop-in group
A weekly 25-minute drop-in group teaching skills for coping with anxiety, trauma, stress, and mood issues, hosted by the JHU Counseling Center
Biweekly Racial Trauma Group starts today
Registration is open for the fall biweekly Racial Trauma Group meetings; every other Wednesday 3:30 to 5 p.m.
Modern dance and ballet classes: Open house sessions
Sign up now to attend a free Modern Dance and/or Ballet class at an open house, Sept. 8-11
JHU Counseling Center Advisory Board
The Counseling Center seeks motivated Homewood and Peabody undergraduate and graduate students interested in serving on its advisory board
Parenting a Child With Special Needs: Panel discussion July 22
This panel discussion will feature personal stories, expert advice, and shared resources on how to navigate parenting a child with special needs during COVID-19