Faculty/Staff Announcements

Research Participants Wanted

Research survey
The Department of Dermatology seeks participants to complete a short survey regarding hair graying
Participants needed for EEG/fMRI research
The Courtney Lab is seeking healthy right-handed individuals ages 18-35 or 55-85 for a paid two-session psychology experiment
Healthy volunteers needed for dermatology research study
The study investigates the effects of oral phytochemicals on the skin
Participate in an MRI research study
The Neuroplasticity and Development Lab at JHU is seeking participants between the ages of 55 and 75 to participate in a research study on cognition; compensation $30/hour
VAPORS study: Male participants needed
E-cigarette users and non-users needed for observational research study
Volunteers needed for altruism experiment
The study investigates the relationship between certain types of social preferences and the tolerance for physical discomfort
Searson Lab seeks participants for exercise study
Healthy people ages 18-50 who exercise at least twice a week are needed for a paid trial requiring 2.5 hours of time, 85 minutes of exercise
Participate in a movement study
This study, on the East Baltimore campus, involves using a robot arm (like a joystick) to play a simple video game; compensation is $15-20/hour
Volunteers needed for study of chronic hives
Participants must be ages 18 to 65 and have had frequent episodes of chronic hives lasting at least three months
Volunteer for tDCS study at KKI
Seeking healthy, right-handed individuals to participate in a study using noninvasive brain stimulation; compensation $25