Faculty/Staff Announcements

Research Participants Wanted

Participate in vaccine research studies at the CIR
The Center for Immunization Research is looking for healthy adults ages 18 to 50 to participate in vaccine research studies
Participants needed for a study
Volunteers ages 18 to 30 will have their blood vessel function evaluated from outside the body
'C.diff' recurrence trial
Study is six months long and requires six or seven visits to Bayview Medical Center, with no overnights; transportation can be provided
Healthy research subjects needed for movement study
Tasks are similar to video games and may involve noninvasive brain stimulation; compensation $20/hour
Research study on the usability of HTTPS
We're conducting research with participants who have a background in computer security to perform a usability task with configuring TLS
Bipolar research study seeks volunteers
Young adults who have a parent with bipolar disorder and/or parents with BP who have a child 15 to 25 years old can volunteer
Research survey on factors associated with hair graying
The survey explores the relationship between hair graying and a variety of social factors
BV study at Bayview
The study requires five visits over one year; women ages 18 to 35 who have had multiple occurrences of BV during the past year may qualify to participate
Participants wanted for effort MRI study
Healthy subjects are needed to participate in a research study at the Motion Analysis Lab and the Kirby Imaging Center at the Kennedy Krieger Institute
Volunteers needed for a walking study at KKI
The Motion Analysis Lab at Kennedy Krieger Institute seeks healthy men and women ages 18-35 for a research study; $15/hour compensation