Faculty/Staff Announcements

Research Participants Wanted

Healthy participants needed for paid TMS research study
Participation in the study, held at the East Baltimore campus, takes around 1.5 hours; compensation $25/hour
Volunteers needed for Zika investigational vaccine study
The Center for Immunization Research is currently recruiting healthy volunteers ages 18-50 for a six-month study
Research studies of memory
Volunteers must be between 55 and 85 years old; compensation provided
Bipolar disorder research study seeks participants
Researchers are looking for young adults who have a parent with bipolar disorder and/or parents with BP who have a child 15 to 25 years old
Are you motivated toward healthy behavior in pregnancy? Or not? Do you have 15 minutes?
Researchers seek overweight pregnant women, 12-16 weeks gestation, for a study about diet and exercise related to motivation during pregnancy
Volunteers needed for a reseach study of chronic hives
For this 15-week study, volunteers must be ages 18 to 65 and have had frequent episodes of chronic hives lasting at least three months
African-American healthy volunteers needed for skin research study
Digital photographs, skin color readings, visible light treatment, five small biopsies from the buttocks/lower-back area
Allergic to grass? Research study seeks volunteers
Volunteers must be 18 to 55 years old and have a history of grass pollen–induced seasonal allergies
Volunteers needed for allergy-immunology study
Seeking volunteers 18 to 65 who have had frequent episodes of hives for at least six weeks and/or environmental allergies, asthma, or eczema
Seeking GYN cancer survivors for a research study
The study uses a vaginal laser therapy for improvement of vaginal dryness and/or dyspareunia symptoms