Faculty/Staff Announcements


Odyssey: Fall semester 2018
Have you ever wanted to take classes without the pressure of papers and test? You can with courses for your own personal enrichment through the Odyssey Program.The fall 2018 semester begins next week!
Call for B'More Intersession course proposals
The B'More Program is designed to introduce freshmen to Baltimore and help them establish a relationship that will transcend their time at Hopkins
Odyssey: Finding Your Vision in Black and White—What the Masters Can Teach Us
This six-session course explores the works of B&W masters and encourages you to shape your own vision; Wednesdays, Sept. 26 to Oct. 31
Free online courses for the JHU community
Premium access to Johns Hopkins' offerings on Coursera is now open to students, faculty, and staff
Odyssey: Explore the Treasures of Evergreen, the John W. Garrett Mansion
Lectures and a study tour explore the home of the influential Garrett family and the museum that holds their collections
Odyssey: Verdi and Shakespeare
Instructor Ernest Liotti takes us on a four-session journey with a collaboration of Verdi and Shakespeare; Thursdays, Oct. 4-25
Odyssey: The Fate of the Middle Class
Six presenters during five sessions talk about the history, culture, and politics of the middle class up to the present and for the future; Wednesdays, Oct. 3-31
Odyssey: Nineteenth-Century English Romantic Poets, Rock Stars of Their Generation
This six-session class looks at poets of the 19th century, including Blake and Shelley; Mondays, Sept. 24 to Oct. 29
Odyssey: The Threat of Nuclear Proliferation
This five-part Perspective delves into the historical, scientific, and policy questions regarding nuclear weapons and their proliferation; Mondays, Oct. 1-29
Your Medicine and Liquor Cabinet: Substance Use and Abuse Among the Elderly
Odyssey course explores the relationship between older adults and substances including alcohol and prescription drugs