Participants needed for pediatric bipolar depression research study

If your child or teen is struggling with bipolar depression, they may be eligible to take part in the Balance Study. The purpose of this study is to evaluate an investigational drug for bipolar depression in children and teens 10 to 17 years of age.

Participation in this study will involve about 9 clinic visits over the course of 13 weeks. During visits, you and your child will be asked to answer questions about your child's diagnosis of bipolar I disorder, other psychiatric disorders, and your child's thoughts and feelings. Over the course of the study, we will assess medical, biological, and behavioral outcomes using things like questionnaires, physical exams, blood draws, vital signs, electrocardiogram (ECGs), and urine drug screens.

To learn more, call the Clinical Trials Unit at Kennedy Krieger Institute at 443-923-3850 or email

IRB#: 00281389
Principal Investigator: Bradley Grant, D.O.