Research participants wanted for motion analysis study

Men and women with and without a history of stroke or Parkinson's disease and who are between 18 and 35 years old are needed to participate in a motion analysis study at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. Participation involves having small sticky markers placed on your arms and legs so a computer can detect your movements as you stand, walk on the floor, and walk on a treadmill. There are a few different study protocols, some ranging from one visit for two to three hours and others, at the most, three times per week for no more than 12 weeks. We will also quickly test your movement abilities with a brief neurological exam. There are no medical benefits or significant risks to you for joining this study. Let us know if you have a time commitment preference, and we will be sure to sign you up for a study in which you are eligible and that works with your schedule. You will be paid for your participation in this study.

For information, contact the Motion Analysis Lab at:

Motion Analysis Lab:
Ryan Roemmich, PhD, Principal Investigator
Kennedy Krieger Institute